Algebra Emphasis

Algebra Emphasis

Algebra Emphasis

We have several goals in our class this year.  It is our goal to pass the state mandated Algebra Test, as well as to develop student reasoning and problem solving in areas such as expressions, equations, inequalities, and functions.

I expect my students to come to class prepared to learn and be respectful of themselves, their classmates, and their teachers.  Homework will be checked daily for effort and accuracy. 

If you need to contact me for any other reason, my school email is  I can be reached by phone at the school from about 8:00 to 8:15 or immediately following the bell at 3:30.
Grading Policy

60% - Tests/Projects

40% - Homework Quizzes/Homework (every once in a while)/Warm-ups (if needed)


*** Homework Quizzes are given from questions on homework, after questions have been answered about the homework in class.  Homework will be put away, so students cannot copy from it, and I can see if they know how to do the problems.  A few questions at random will be chosen for the quiz from the homework assignment 
High School Grading Scale

A       95% - 100%

A-      92% - 94%

B+      89% - 91%

B       86% - 88%

B-      83% - 85%

C+      80% - 82%

C       75% - 79%

C-      72% - 74%

D+      69% - 71%

D       66% - 68%

D-      62% - 65%

F        0% - 61%

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