Mission Possible Bio - Clarissa Chevalier - 2014 Graduate

Mission Possible Bio - Clarissa Chevalier - 2014 Graduate

Clarissa Chevalier
VCHS Graduate 2014
Career: Film Production Designer

My Mission Possible: From early childhood I knew I was an artist, gravitating towards arts and crafts the moment I was exposed to them. I wanted to put the ideas of my imagination into the physical world by create things with my hands. I began creating art through a wide variety of medias, taking every art class Vinton County High School had to offer, and working with teachers to have studio time in the workshop. After high school, I decided to attend Columbia College Chicago film school, because of the vast amount of artistic possibilities in the film industry. I decided to become a production designer, which includes architecturally designing movie sets, choosing color palettes, and designing the overall look of the film. Architecture, to me, is the ultimate art form. To be able to let other people walk around in a space that you designed is like letting them walk around in your imagination  I am set to graduate in 2018, and will then head to Los Angeles, California to secure an internship and make my mark in the film industry.

My words of advice: Never, ever be discouraged from pursuing your dream career because of a job outlook or lack of support from others. If you truly believe in your career, and are willing to work hard for it, you're going to be okay. Working a creative, competitive, freelance job can be stressful and extremely intimating. However, at the end of the day this work makes me the happiest I have ever been. With the right amount of dedication, your dream job is absolutely achievable.

-Clarissa Chevalier



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