Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

State Highway Patrol Visited VCHS

Sgt Heath Ward from the Ohio Highway Patrol/Jackson Post talked with VC Juniors about the importance of safe, undistracted driving on April 12, 2019.
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Monday, February 25, 2019 - John McGee, Spring Street Sports

John McGee, Spring Street SportsMentor Monday - John McGee, owner of Spring Street Sports talked to students in the Teen Entrepreneur class about how/why he started his business. He discussed the obstacles of inventory and the importance of being flexible and willing to change with the times. John talked about paying for advertising that will bring in customers and the importance of keeping good customer relationships. We discussed the importance of the Y.E.V.C. and Spring Street Sports working relationship to sell Vinton County merchandise, because he carries the bulk inventory and we don't have a minimum to purchase. This arrangement allows both organizations to make money and keeps Y.E.V.C. from carrying and paying for mass inventory.
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January 29, 2019 - Susan Tripp, Owner of Zaleski Candle Works

Zaleski Candle WorksSusan Tripp, owner of Zaleski Candle Works, talked to the Teen Entrepreneur students about her experience of owning her own business. She discussed how she started at a location in Creola and then moved to Zaleski, and how her business grew from a hobby. Susan gave students advice on not giving out business secrets, handling competitors, staying true to yourself, and always giving back. She said that good customer service and return customers are a huge part of her business.  More +

December 20, 2018 - VCHS graduates and Air Force Academy Cadets Discuss College and Military Life in Colorado

VCHS Graduates and USAFA CadetsWhile home on Christmas leave, USAFA junior, Tyler Barnett and USAFA freshman, Ryann Ramey talked to students about their experiences at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. They discussed the process of applying to a military academy, the daily life of a cadet, class and study preparation, military careers, and moving away from home.  Tyler and Ryann addressed the importance of taking advantage of the college/career days and lessons offereed to help students make informed decisions.  More +

December 17, 2018 - Finn Fuller, Creator of The Hocking Hills App

Finn Fuller, Creator of The Hocking Hills AppFinn Fuller, creator of The Hocking Hills App, talked to students about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur and owning and operating his own web development company in Logan, Ohio. Finn explained how he learned from books and Google, as well as, earning a degree at Ohio State. His mentor was his gradfather, which taught him to work hard and earn his own money at a young age. Finn set up and sold homemade fudge and candy at festivals as his first business venture. He said he has learned to like talking to businesses to get advertising, even though he hated it at first. Since he is his only employee, he has to be organized and willing to learn and do anything to keep his business successful.
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December 3, 2018 - Dustin and Bobbi Hoy, Owners of Raccoon Creek Outfitters

Owners of Raccoon Creek OutfittersDustin and Bobbi Hoy, Owners of Raccoon Creek Outfitters and A.T. Hoy Transportation talked to students in the Teen Entrepreneur class about their new kayaking business and how they compete with surrounding areas and via for new customers. They talked about the challenges of a seasonal business, working with family and friends, and their future growth plan. They also talked about the importance of saving out of each paycheck. More +

Monday, November 5, 2018 - Nicki Martin spoke to Teen Entrepreneurs

 Nicki Martin, EntrepreneurNicki Martin, owner of Weeping Willow, The Bronzer, Little Vikes Daycare, Refit with Nicki, and Martin Rentals, talked to the Teen Entrepreneur class and shared her stories of getting all of her businesses started. Students learned to not take “no” if you believe in an idea, the importance of learning to do your own bookkeeping to save money, and to never stop investing in our community.??
Thanks to Nicki and all of the "Mentor Monday" guest speakers and please remember to shop locally! 

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Monday, October 29 - Tami Bay, Owner of SOAR

Tami Bay, Owner of SOARTami Bay, Owner of SOAR (Southern Ohio Adventures Recreation), along with two of her employeees, talked to the Teen Entrepreneur class about her passion for her business. Tami told the story of how and why she started her business, the importance of keeping things simple, being passionate and finding employees that believe in your business. Tami has owned and operated SOAR since 2012 and has enjoyed watching her dream become a reality.
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Lake Hope Park Naturalist Visits VCHS

Hope Kaylen, the Park Naturalist at Lake Hope gave a presentation to VCHS students that were interested in careers related to a Park Naturalist. A park naturalist is a lover of the outdoors and someone who loves to share what they know about nature with others. A park naturalist provides visitor services by answering questions, explaining regulations, providing information about the park and surrounding areas and dealing with any complaints. They also prepare and present lectures, talk about the park's features, and conduct field trips to point out historic, scientific and natural features of forests, parks and historic sites. Click More + for additional pictures.
Lake Hope Park Naturalist 
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Tom McManis visited the yearbook class

Tom McManis visits Yearbook class
October 1, 2018- School Board Member and local photographer, Tom McManis, visited with the high school yearbook class. He discussed apeture and shutterspeeds, as well as, lighting and camera basics. Tom also shared his experience with opening his own photography business and went on to explain the importance of journalism and choosing college courses.
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Duane Boring, owner of Buff Lo Dip

Teen Entrepreneur speaker Duane Boring  Duane Boring, Guest Speaker
October 1, 2018 - Duane Boring, Owner of Buff Lo Dip and local entrepreneur, spoke to the new Teen Entrepreneur class. He talked about the struggles and requirements of starting your own business. He stressed that you have to believe in yourself, your product/service, and work harder than anyone in your industry to succeed. Duane told students there will be a lot of "no" answers, but you have to keep working hard and find a way to get the "yes."
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Chloe Arthur speaks to Entrepreneur students

 Chloe Arthur from Cmarthur Photography
September 24, 2018 - Chloe Arthur, owner of  "Cmarthur Photography," spoke to the Teen Entrepreneur class about her experience of starting her own business. She discussed the importance of social media to her business and helping get her business name out to the public. Chloe also talked about saving before you start, since making a profit doesn't happen immediately. 
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