Spanish Club

Spanish Club

Upcoming Events

Dec. 8- Span. Club/FCCLA Basket Bingo (To adopt VC families for Christmas)
February 12 starts strawberry Sales
April 10th- Flamenco Show in Columbus (Spanish Club)
May 12- Kings Island (Span. Club/ FCCLA)

Spanish Club/ FCCLA watched the Coco movie and enjoyed the El Camino restaurant on December 1


VCHS Students Help with Puerto Rico Relief

Spanish Club Officers have purchased, collected, and packed items to help with relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Students have mailed the first ten boxes and are continuing with efforts. This project was chosen as part of their club community service hours.
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Spanish Club 2017-2018

President-Kaylee Yates
Vice-President-Darian Radabaugh
Secretary: Kendall Fee
Treasurer: Averi Peoples
Media Specialist: Kelsey Fletcher 







Caden Fee

Athena Mash

Mackenzie Grigsby

Jordan Riegel

Darian Radabaugh

Asa Davidson

Blake Graves

McKenzie Channell

Grace Davidson

Sara White

Evan Spires

Sara Dummitt

Sydney Brown

Trafford Dunn

Noah Waddell

Jarrett Wells

Ty Walker

Nick Pitman

Averi Peoples

Dezarae Keesee

Eli Radabaugh

Kelsey Martin

Courtney Winnett

Jonah Lewis

Kaylee Yates

Cameron Zinn

Kiki Barlow

Josie Hambree

Kendell Fee

Zane Walker

Kerrigan Ward

Destini McCartney

Gia Gross

Nevan Yates

Naylan Yates

Braden Wellman

Liliana Hechavarria Cruz

Amanda Boring

Isabelle Lambert

Alicia Keeney

Lacie Williams

Trinity Bartholomew

McKenzie Radabaugh

Jakelyn Brown


Sydney Smith

Antony Swaim

Maylea Huff

Lacy Stapleton


Cassandra Mayers

Tyler Peoples

Autumn Harris

Tyra Prater


Elisabeth Lambert

Makenah Grabans

Chase Newsome


Lydia Lenegar

Sydnee Knox

Chris Mason


Vada Ridgeway

Rylee Fee

Alexis Holstine


Brock Hamon

Zoe Games

Jazmynn Sharp


Zack Radabaugh

Jade Lambert

Casey Ziegler


Olivia Mayers

Josie Ousley

Miranda Prater


Koby Waugh

Taylor Moore

Kelsie Fletcher


Koen Travis

Owen Salyer

James Huston


Tristen Kirby

Jacob Wells

Victoria Prater


Grace Perry

Chloe McCarty

Eli Griffith


Hunter Norris


Cassidy Griffith


Allison Riddle


Jordan Eberts


Mahaylee Napper


Ricki Body


Hope Saunders


Jaci Martin


Madison Camp



Vinton County High School Spanish Club Mission Statement


The name of this organization shall be “Vinton County Spanish Club” Its purpose is to promote and further our knowledge of Spanish and the countries in which it is spoken and to encourage the students to use their Spanish. Membership shall be open to any Vinton County High School student who is currently enrolled in Spanish class.

The officers of this club shall be: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. The officers shall be elected annually, in the beginning of the school year. A majority vote will be necessary for an officer to be elected. If a majority is not reached, a run-off election will be held between the top two candidates.

The president shall preside over meetings, see that the work of the club goes forward and represent the club when necessary. The president shall be a student in Spanish III or above and have been a member of the club for at least one year. In addition, the president should be a full-time student at the Vinton County High School. The vice-president shall assist the president and act in his absence. He/she shall also be in charge of planning and forming committees for the various functions of the club and snacks. The secretary will keep the minutes of every meeting of the Spanish Club. The treasurer will help the advisor with the receipt, deposit and disbursement of club funds.

An officer may be removed for failure to fulfill his duties and/or for misconduct of any kind, by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership and/or approval of the advisor and principal. If the president is removed from or resigns from office, the vice-president shall assume the office of president.

There will be a $2.00 due to participate in the club for meeting supplies. A student who signs up but never participate in any club activities will not be considered a part of the club and will not be added to the permanent roster. Members are required to attend 2 of the 3 yearly meetings in order to be an active member. Members are also required to collect 3 community service points during to school year in fundraisers and activities. Only active members with 3 community service points will be able to attend the spring fieldtrip.

The advisor shall have final authority in all decision making concerning the club. Her approval or veto of decisions is final. The advisor will be present at all meetings. If she is not present, the meeting will not take place as an official Spanish Club function, unless another faculty member, approved by the advisor, is present in place of the advisor. This applies at any function of the club.

2017-2018 fundraisers: Trips/Fieldtrips:

October.-Spanish Club Shirt Sale

Basket Bingo Dec . 2nd

            Dec. 1st: Coco Movie and Mexican Restaurant

February- Strawberry Sale Flamenco Ballet 4/10 and Kings Island (May)

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