Syllabi and Expectations

Syllabi and Expectations

Spanish I Course Expectations and Syllabi

 Course Name: Spanish I       

Instructor (s): Sra. Smith

Current License(s) Held That Qualifies Teacher (s) to Teach this Course:

Multi-age preschool-12 Spanish

Required Course for Graduation: _____              Elective:_X_

Year Course:_X_                Semester Course: _____

Course Description:

In this first year course, emphasis is placed on mastering fundamental Spanish vocabulary and grammar in order to achieve proficiency in writing, reading, speaking and listening comprehension. The cultural and geographical aspects of Spanish-speaking countries will be introduced. We will cover chapters 1-9 in the Así se dice Spanish I textbook and workbook. The goal is to make connections with the world around you and introduce material pertinent for competent, basic communication in Spanish.

Prerequisite (s):

B- average or better in English/Language Arts


$20.00 for workbook

Text (s) or Resources:

Así se dice textbook and workbook level 1


95 – 100= A

92 – 94= A-

89 – 91= B+

86 – 88= B

83 – 85= B-

80 – 82= C+

75 – 79= C

72 – 74= C-

69 – 71= D+

66 – 68= D

62 – 65= D-

0 – 61= F

Class Policies: 

   *Respect your teacher:
  • Ø Arrive to class on time and ready to learn.

    Ø Turn off cell phones and electronic devices when you enter the room. When you enter the classroom sit down at your assigned desk and begin working on Lenguaje Diario.

    Ø No food or drink, except water.

    Ø No backpacks in the classroom.

    Ø Never line up at the door before dismissal.

    Ø Use polite and appropriate language in the classroom.
    *Respect each other:

    Ø Respect others’ property. Avoid touching or writing on anything that doesn’t belong to you.

    Ø Raise your hand before speaking and wait to be called on by the teacher.

    Ø Be a kind person.

    *Respect this place:

    Ø Do not touch or take things from the teacher’s desk or work area.

    Ø Do not open cabinets without asking the teacher.

    Ø Do not touch or write on posters on the wall.

    Ø Bathroom passes will only be given at the beginning and end of class.

    • Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a zero for the assignment and disciplinary action will be taken (Use of internet/computer translators will be considered cheating)

Students Will Need:

1 ½ inch binder

5 dividers

1 Composition notebook (Lenguaje diario)

Pen (blue or black) and pencil

Index cards for test preparation (extra credit)

Workbook ($20.00)

*I highly recommend that all students have a good Spanish/English dictionary (Larousse Concise paperback dictionary -90,000 entry is a good one and costs around $13.00) An actual paper dictionary is preferred to an internet or computer dictionary. I also recommend a flash drive for projects.

Assignment Expectations:

  1. Grades will be based on a variety of assignments and activities. Students are graded on oral and written work. Participation in class is very important for success.
  2. Homework or review will be assigned a few times a week.  We will review homework in class or it will be collected for grading. One point will be deducted each day for late work each day. Lenguaje Diario will be graded before each 9-week period ends.
  3. In case of a pre-arranged absence (athletic competitions, medical appointments, field trips, or family trip, etc.), students are expected to have assignments completed and be prepared for class the next day. Quizzes, tests, and other supervised work must be completed on the day student returns.
  4. In case of unexpected absence, it is the student’s responsibility to present his/her excuse to me and arrange to make up missed work. Students will be allowed one day for every day missed to turn in assignments. Test, quizzes, and supervised work must be completed within 3 days upon return. Work not made up within given time will result in a zero.   
  5. At the begining of each semester I will issue three "Late homework passes" to each student for emergency situations when homework cannot be completed by the due date.  These passes do not excuse a student from the assignment entirely; they only allow a student extra time to complete the assignment without getting points deducted.  Each student has that oppotunity to retain these "coupons" for extra credit points at the end of the semester.
  6. If a student needs help or does not understand an assignment, I will be available after school and during my planning period for extra help. Please make an appointment with me and I will be happy to help.
  7. Assignments will be posted every Monday. Students are expected to write down the assignments for the entire week in their homework logs.  Assignments are also posted online in the classroom website.
Extra Note:
Learning a language is a challenge and everything you learn today will be needed all year. For this reason I do not give extra credit assignments to make up points. You must study daily. If you do have difficulty, I will arrange a tutor for you or gladly tutor you myself. Tutoring hours with me are available by appointment. Please take advantage of this valuable opportunity! I look forward to working with you this year! Sra. Smith





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