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Viking Success

Mission Possible Project

During the academic year we offer a variety of initiatives designed to help our students in grades 6-12 with career awareness, exploration, and planning. The intention is to help our students:
  • learn about a wide variety of careers
  • evaluate their individual traits and interests, and how those relate to jobs in our labor market
  • learn about the education, skills, and other training needed to enter different career fields
To the left (in the gray box) are links to VC Graduate submissions to our MISSION POSSIBLE Project. Graduates talk about their paths to a successful career providing a brief "bio" and words of advice or encouragement for students considering a similar field. Click on their name to view their picture and bio.

School News

VCHS Juniors and Seniors visited Shawnee State University on September 12, 2018

The tour started with a presentation by Amanda Means, Director of Admissions. Amanda gave an overview of the educational programs, financial aid, campus activities, and admissions process. Application for admission to SSU is free, although there is a fee for application to certain programs. Part two of the visit included a tour of campus, including the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts, the campus library, and a look at one of the residence hall units. The group ran into a couple of VC alumni in their campus travels. To learn more about Shawnee State University visit

This Viking Success campus visit was made possible through a grant from General Mills. See Pictures Above.
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Ohio Christian University Visited VCHS

On September 20, 2018, Delanie Tomlinson, Admissions Rep from Ohio Christian University, talked to the VCHS senior Journeys class and other students about the majors, internships, athletics, and financial aid available to students who attend OCU. For more information, visit
Ohio Christian University Ohio Christian University Ohio Christian University  Ohio Christian University
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University of Cincinnati Visited VCHS

On September 19, 2018, Admissions Representative Hannah Zimmerman met with VCHS juniors and seniors to tell them about the educational opportunities at the University of Cincinnati.  For more information, visit
University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS  University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS  University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS  University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS  University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS University of Cincinnati Visit to VCHS Univeristy of Cincinnati  Univeristy of Cincinnati  Univeristy of Cincinnati
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Lake Erie College Visits VCHS

Admissions Rep, Alex Corbett, visited VCHS to talk with interested juniors and seniors about the educational options, scholarships, and campus life experience at Lake Erie College. Located in Painesville, Ohio, Lake Erie College is a Liberal Arts College offering several attractive Bachelors Degree programs, including matriculation opportunities that enable students to earn Masters Degrees in less than 6 years.  They also have an internationally known Equestrian Programs. For more information, students can visit
Lake Erie College  Lake Erie College  Lake Erie College
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