Viking Success

Viking Success

November is "Career Month" at VCHS!

The entire month of November has been dedicated as "Career Month" to help guide our students into careers, colleges, and military service that best fits their needs.  
During the second week of November, we focused on Military Careers by offering the ASVAB test November 8, and having recruiters from all branches  of the military available during lunch periods. 
Staff Sgt Manzella, US Marine Corps, stands ready to talk with VC students about military service. Keanu Jordan, 2016 VC graduate, participated in the Veterans Day Ceremony on November 9. Jordan is currently serving in the US Marine Corps. Military Careers Week is a component of the Viking Success program.
If you are a current VCHS student, please complete the following military survey (one time only) to help us identify our military families  and students interested in learning more about what the military has to offer.  Military Survey
What did the VCHS staff want to be when they were in high school? 
Check out our display outside the cafeteria to find out. 

School News

Guest Speaker for IT Career Options

IT Manger, Doug Tigner, from the Vinton County National Bank spoke to a group of students during November's career month.  Doug is a retired Air Force Veteran, earned his degree at Devry, and has been an IT Manager for over seven years. Students interacted and learned about various IT fields, career options, college courses, and what it takes to be successful in the computer industry.

What is YCAT?

Students represented Vinton County High School as part of a Youth Climate Action Team.  They participated in a 2-day leadership training at Camp Oty'Okwa in November. The VCHS team is one of several who are participating in the leadership training and climate action initiative.  They are getting the chance to learn from climate experts and to take a first hand look at evidence about climate change in our local environment.
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WSU College Visit

VCHS students visited Wright State University on November 13, 2017. Additional details to follow.
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Focus on the Locals

This college/career fair was designed to help VC students consider the myriad of short and long-term educational options - right here in our backyard - that can help get them ready for one of Ohio's in-demand jobs.  Reps from Ohio University, OUC, Rio Grande Community College, Hocking College, and the Adult Career Centers at Pickaway Ross, Tri County, and Buckeye Hills each spoke about their programs, admissions requirements, cost of attendance, campus life, etc.  Admission fees were waived for any students who wanted to apply for admission during the Focus on the Locals event.  Reps from the Vinton County One Stop were also present to talk with students about the support they can offer for training, job prep, and job placement.  Meghan Fraley from Rio Grande Financial Aid talked with the students about the importance of completing their FAFSA in order to be eligible for grants, scholarships, and other aid.  Michelle Rippeth informed students about the procedures for requesting transcripts and how to stay informed about scholarship and other postings.
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Kick Off Speaker - Nick Scott

Nick Scott, Wheelchair Bodybuilder and Motivational Speaker, kicked off the Viking Success CCIE with his inspirational personal story.  His message to students?  Be the best YOU that you can be!  Have the determination to overcome life's challenges and be a success at the thing you want most.

Nick stayed well beyond his scheduled speaking time in order to talk to students on an individual basis.  He offered words of encouragement and hope to all students, no matter what their barriers to achieving their dreams.
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Meghan Fraley, Director of Financial Aid at RGCC/URG assisted VC seniors and their parent complete the FAFSA on November 9. FAFSA Help Nites are a component of the Viking Success program.
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Mission Possible Project

During the academic year we offer a variety of initiatives designed to help our students in grades 6-12 with career awareness, exploration, and planning. The intention is to help our students:
  • learn about a wide variety of careers
  • evaluate their individual traits and interests, and how those relate to jobs in our labor market
  • learn about the education, skills, and other training needed to enter different career fields
To the left (in the gray box) are links to VC Graduate submissions to our MISSION POSSIBLE Project. Graduates talk about their paths to a successful career providing a brief "bio" and words of advice or encouragement for students considering a similar field. Click on their name to view their picture and bio.

VCHS attended Rio College Fair

As part of the Viking Success Career Advising Plan, approximately 70 VCHS seniors attended the College Fair at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College on Thursday, October 12. Seniors had a chance to talk with reps from many different colleges and learn about the many educational options available. Students also toured the Rio campus and enjoyed lunch in campus dining.

Vinton County students see what a "Day in the Life of a Buckeye" is like.

This event offered an individualized experience for urban and Appalachian area high school students to experience life at The Ohio State University, and college in general, for a day. Currently enrolled undergraduate & graduate students were paired with a high school student based on their intended major, and interest/hobbies. High School students who participated in Day in the Life were able to attend classes, interact with faculty and staff, eat in campus-area dining facilities, visit the library and recreational facilities, attend student group meetings, and see a residence hall room.

Due to a multitude of obstacles – some of these students who participated in this program believed that success is unattainable. The initial job of The Ohio State University mentors is to exemplify that they can be successful. The program focused on the philosophy of education and desire; results in success. Ohio State students were also there to identify the potential pitfalls students can expect along the way (admissions, financial aid, etc.); and shared their own personal stories of overcoming adversity and the endless opportunities offered to them. They stressed the importance of receiving a high school diploma and continuing forward into higher education.

This was the 4th year VCHS was invited to attend and the 1st year that we were invited to attend in both the fall and the spring. Typically the spring session is dedicated to the 10th and 11th grade students, but because of the offer to attend twice, we were able to take primarily 12th grade students. The program limits the number of students able to attend from each school to 30. This year Mrs. Rippeth and Mrs. Jones took 27 11th and 12th grade students to participate in this program. The students left the school at 6:00a.m. and returned to the school at approximately 5:45 p.m. It was a long day but well worth the trip and the time. 

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