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VCMS Homecoming Themes

Next week is a fun filled week in the Vinton County Local School District!  It will be Homecoming Week and also Start with Hello Week.  

The Homecoming themes for VCMS will be:
Monday 24: Wear Green (Start with Hello color)
Tuesday 25:  Luau/Hawaiian Day
Wednesday 26:  USA Day
Thursday 27:  Decades Day
Friday 28:  Viking Spirit Day

Monday is slightly different than what the HS is doing so make sure if you have a child in both schools they do the middle school theme.

Start with Hello is a national program developed by the Sandy Hook Promise to help decrease violence in schools.  It is a social isolation prevention program designed to teach kids how to include everyone and just be nice, start by saying HELLO!

I have attached a parent brochure for you to look at and see what it is all about.  This would be a great time to have a discussion with your child about what social isolation is and ways we can be mindful of it.  

Thank you and have a great week!
Starts With Hello - Click on this link to find out more.
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2018 Vinton County Homecoming Week Activities Announced

 VC Band Alumni - Below you will find all of the necessary information about the event, rehearsals, music & etc. It takes just a minute to complete the registration so please do so below! You will also find a link to the all the music! Please feel free to share with all your friends! We want to have ALL members returning registered by THIS FRIDAY(9/21)

 *Please note, all of this information has been sent via email to any individuals who filled out alumni information last year. This information has also been shared on the Vinton County Alumni Band Facebook Page!




Please note some buildings may differ as noted 

Monday, September 24 – Pajama Day (VCMS - No Pajama Day - Wear Green for Start With Hello Week, South and Central Elementary - Wear Green for Start with Hello Week - Green Pajamas acceptable)

Tuesday, September 25 – Hawaiian Luau Day

Tuesday Sept 25th and Wednesday Sept 26th - VCHS Cheerleaders Homecoming Youth Cheer Camp for grades K-8th from 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Camp signups are Sept 19th & 20th in the High School Lobby from 5-6pm. Cost is $20 and includes t-shirt and is due at the time of sign ups.

Participants will walk in the Homecoming Parade Sept 27th. and cheer at the high school Homecoming Game on Sept 28th. No late sign up will be accepted.

Wednesday, September 26 – American Pride Day

Thursday, September 27 – Decades Day

Homecoming Parade and Bonfire - Line up at the high school loop begins 5:30 p.m., with parade starting @ 6 p.m. The paradewill end at the old high school, where the bonfire will take place, with the announcement of the 2018 Homecoming King.

Friday, September 28 – Viking Spirit Day

Homecoming Crowning of Queen and Court @ 7 p.m. (pregame)

Football Game - Kickoff @ 7:30 p.m., with performance by the Alumni Band @ halftime. 

Saturday, September 29 - VCHS Homecoming Dance - Doors open @ 7-8 p.m. for junior/senior ticket holders and 8p.m. for freshman/sophomore ticket holders. Dance ends @ 10 p.m.  $10 per person, with free snacks and drinks provided.

Remember ALL days should be school appropriate attire and not inappropriate or revealing. 

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VCMS Cookies & Canvas Fundraising Event - November 17, 2018

The VCMS Drama Club is hosting a Cookies & Canvas on November 17th 2-4 p.m., with Cindy Owings Waugh @ VCMS Cafeteria!.Cost will be $35 (make sure to pay in advance to reserve your seat).

For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact Kristen Thompson via Facebook, email or call/text! All information can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

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Special Edition September Newsletter

Special Edition of the VCMS Parent Newsletter

One of Mrs. Rannells’ English Language Arts classes recently conducted interviews with the new teachers and the student interns at Vinton County Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year.  They would like to take the time now to introduce these seven special people to you. Each group of students wrote their own questions, conducted their own interviews, and typed their own reports.  Below you will find the results of the interviews. Please join me in welcoming our new staff.

Miss Schultz

By Jamie and Gracie


The new 7th- grade math teacher, Miss Schultz, was nice enough to answer some questions about her work and school life. Some of these questions were: where did she go to college, what grade she taught, and where she is from? However, the first question that was asked, was how long she has been teaching. This is her first year teaching out of college, and she went to Ohio University. There she got her bachelor’s degree in math and language arts, but that’s enough about her work life, let’s get into her school life.

Miss Schultz did intern work as a college student, and she compared this school to the school where she interned. She said, that this school is a lot more organized, and the last school she was at was “hectic” and “not very organized” she also said that the “people here are very nice.” Miss Schultz wanted to become a teacher because she wanted to make a difference, and she figured that here and now was the best time to do it. Her favorite part of teaching is when a student is struggling with something and the moment they finally get it, she likes that she can be a part of that. Her favorite subject growing up was English. She didn’t play any sports, but she was in the marching band. Mrs. Schultz is from Greenfield, Ohio. Miss Schultz has teaching tactics that she likes to use to get students to understand the subject better. She said she likes to listen to the students and what they think more than she likes just telling them what they should do to see where they are and what they need help with. She likes doing group work with them, so they can share their ideas with their friends and get their input on the subject. Another question that was asked, was what she wanted to be if she wasn’t a teacher? She said she would be a writer. Her reasoning is that she likes being creative and she wants to share her ideas.

All in all, Miss Schultz is a very nice teacher, and she sounds like she knows what she’s doing. So if you have her as a teacher, consider yourself lucky!

Mrs. Maynard

By Sam, Lindsey, Jade

There is a new teacher in the 7th-grade hallway and her name is Mrs. Maynard. She has many different degrees in the subjects which she teaches. She also enjoys other activities outside of school.


Mrs. Maynard teaches Social Studies and English Language Arts, which are also her two favorite subjects from high school. Her overall favorite subject was reading. She has a bachelor in Social Studies and a masters in English Language Arts from Ohio University. She teaches middle school students because she prefers older students over younger ones.


One question we asked Mrs. Maynard was “Do you have any pets?” which she replied with “yes I have 2 cats and 1 dog.” Another question we asked her was “ What town did you grow up in?” and she said McArthur, Ohio. The third question we asked her was, “What’s your favorite thing to do outside of school?” and she responded with “spend time with her husband.” When we asked her “what her favorite color was”, she responded with “purple.”

Mrs. Chesser

By: Tasha, James, and Alexis

Mrs. Chesser is a new full-time teacher at the Vinton County Middle School. She has 14 years of teaching experience as a substitute teacher, but this is her first year as a full-time teacher. She is teaching English language arts in the 7th-grade hallway. Mrs. Chesser went to college at Rio Grande and Ohio University. She has earned a bachelor's degree and has taken many master classes.

Mrs. Chesser didn’t always want to be a teacher, but while in high school another teacher inspired her. Mrs. Chesser likes to get to know her students and would advise other teachers to get to know them as well. One thing she dislikes about her job is the lack of student’s efforts. Since she is a new teacher, Mrs. Chesser does not quite know her favorite standard to teach. If she wasn’t a teacher she would be doing something in the communication field.

Ms. Koker

by Mia, Josiah, and Alyssa

Ms. Koker is a new teacher at Vinton County Middle School. She teaches physical education to all grades at the school for her first year of being a teacher. She graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelors in Science, P.E, and Teacher Education. She went to Alexander Local School District and grew up in Athens. In school, she played soccer, basketball, softball, and was part of the rowing team at Ohio State. Her favorite subject in school was mathematics, and she enjoys teaching and playing teamwork skill-building games. When asked why she wanted to become a teacher, Ms. Koker answered that she loves working with kids, and she wakes up every morning excited to come to teach. She loves her job and is excited to finish off her first year teaching.

Mr. Richardson

By: Caleb

Mr. Richardson is a student teacher from Cincinnati that goes to Ohio University. He previously interned at East Elementary in 4th grade in Athens, Ohio. He is student teaching in Mrs. Rannells’ class.

In school, Mr. Richardson liked his classes for the most part. He enjoyed learning new things in school. His favorite subjects were Reading and Social Studies. In school, he was in six extracurricular activities including student council, yearbook, service club, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Richardson is 21 years old and likes hanging out with his family and friends and also enjoys traveling in his free time. Mr. Richardson has 1 sister and no brothers in his family. One interesting fact that Mr. Richardson would like us to know is that both of his pinky fingers are crooked.

Mr. Diana

By Samantha, Bethany and Karis

Today we interviewed Mr. Diana, a student teacher at Vinton County Middle School. We asked him questions about where he grew up, to what made him want to become a teacher. Mr. Diana is currently a student teacher in Mrs. Radabaugh’s eighth-grade social studies class.  

Mr. Diana grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he attended Amelia High School. His teachers and his baseball coach inspired him to go into the profession of teaching because his coach was a teacher once and he wanted to be a teacher and a coach too.

Another thing that motivated him was that he was the oldest of three brothers, and he felt like he needed to be a role model to them and other children. His teachers and family also supported him in starting his teaching career.

In school, Mr. Diana’s favorite subject was Social Studies. His favorite topic to learn about in social studies was World War II. His favorite book is Hatchet because he said it was about nature and he enjoys the outdoors. Mr. Diana learns best in a quiet environment. He is an undergraduate senior and attends Ohio University. In his first year, he studied business, but after that, he switched to teaching. If he could not be a teacher, he would like to work in business and real estate. The question that most people ask is why he wanted to become a teacher. His answer was that he wanted to become a teacher because he enjoys social studies class and wanted to teach the subject. He also really enjoys being around kids and being a good role model for them. He wanted to teach middle schoolers the most.

Mr. Diana, who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, went to Amelia High School, and now attends Ohio University, is a Social Studies student teacher at Vinton County Middle School; because he had determination, support, and motivation.


By Trista, Adam, and Marissa

Ms. Courtney Moog is an undergraduate student at Ohio University. She is completing her teaching internship in Mrs. Rafferty’s multi-handicapped class at the middle school.   Ms.Moog grew up in Hilliard, a suburb of Columbus. She wanted to be a speech pathologist growing up, however, she worked with a child that had special needs which inspired her to be a special education teacher. In school her favorite subject was math, but she doesn’t have a preferred grade or subject to teach. However, she does prefer to teach in an interactive form. She took Spanish in high school (though she admitted to not being good at it), but later in her freshman year of college, she took sign language. When we asked why she wanted to go to OU, she said it feels like home and that it has a good community.

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September Newsletter

Hello VMCS Families!

 The year is moving along nicely and classes are getting in full swing.  The students are working hard and teachers are planning what students need.  Please note there is no supervision outside in the mornings until 8:05.  I have noticed students have been being dropped off very early.  Drop off and pick up is in front of the middle school.  Please do not drop students off in the staff parking lot by the high school.  

So far with 2 weeks in, our overall attendance is 97%.  Continue to encourage your child to come to school and send in a doctor's excuse or parent note if they do have to miss.  

Important Dates
8th Grade Tecumseh Trip: Thursday, August 30  Be at the school by 6:00 pm
6th grade instrument fitting: Thursday, August 30 3:30 - 7:00 at VCHS
Junior Beta information meeting for new members: Thursday, August 30 3:30 pm
VCMS Drama club meeting for all interested: Wednesday, Sept 5 3:30 pm 
Beta Club re-commitment Pledge due:  September 7
Sports Pictures: Wednesday, Sept 12 after school

Cell Phones:
Thank you for supporting us in the NO CELL PHONE ZONE this year.  I know it has  been an adjustment for the students, but we have not had many issues with phones being out.  

Attendance Awareness Month:
September is Attendance Awareness Month!  As you are aware, attendance is a crucial part of a student's success.  If they are not in school, they do not get the needed instruction.  For the month of September, there will be incentives for students periodically who are at  school.  There will be automated phone calls, from various community members, coming out during the month of September with important attendance information.  Please stay tuned for more information!

If you do not wish to receive these emails any longer, please respond to this email.

Thank you for a great start to the school year!
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August Newsletter

Welcome to 2018-2019 School year!  
I cannot believe it is this time of year already, but I am very excited to get going! 
Here is some important information to begin the year:
8th Grade will take a trip to see Tecumseh August 30.  Information will be passed out soon.
No supervision is available before 8:05 am.  Please do not drop your child off before that time. 6th and 7th grade report to the gym.  8th grade reports to the cafeteria.
Students report to homeroom at 8:15 am.
Dismissal to first period and tardy bell at 8:25 am
School dismissal is at 3:25 pm

You can now download and fill out an Emergency Medical form.  This can be printed and then signed to be handed in to your child's homeroom teacher.  You can also save this from year to year and update information before printing.

Student/Parent Handbooks are available on the District website.  Paper copies will only be given out on an "as needed" basis.

Project Boost funding has not been secured at this point.  The District is working diligently to secure funding for this school year. Click on the link for more information.

If you are interested in applying for a school fee waiver, please make sure to fill out the free/reduced lunch form.  There is a box on the form that needs to be checked for fee waiver.  (All VCLSD students receive free breakfast/lunch)
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2017-2018Career Advising Plan

View our 2017-2018 Career Advising Plan for students in grade 6 through 12 here. 
View text-based website