2020 Parent Teacher Conference Requests

2020 Parent Teacher Conference Requests



3:30 - 8:30

This year Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held via phone calls, virtual meetings, or emails. You will be able to indicate which method you prefer in the forms below. If you are unable to use the links below, call the VCHS office and you can sign up that way as well.

If you request a phone conference with a teacher, they will contact you during the time you sign up for. Please be sure to answer your phone during this time. Calls may come from the high school, an unfamiliar number, or blocked call.

If you request a virtual meeting, the teacher will email you the link to meet them.

If you request an email, the teacher will contact you as soon as possible.

Below is a list of VCHS teachers. When you see a teacher you want to meet with, click on their name and please complete the form. You will need to complete a form for each teacher you want to meet:

Avery Allman

Kenda Armstrong

Carly Begley

Jen Cain

Kay Casto

Rob Cline

Mark Cline

Barbie Cochran

Jeran Cox

Stephanie Davis

Jeffery Downs

Christ Eldridge

Rashel Fallon

Heather Hare

Nancy Harris

Gilbert Hartley

Joy Henderson

Stacy Herbert

Jacob Ingram

Aimee Jones

Megan Jones

Amanda Karr

NJ Kight

Casey Knox

Jon Lindner

Fonda Menikheim

Danny Nelson

Jonathan Oberlin

Amanda Olson

Amber Powell

Krystal Price

Maretta Ray

Michelle Rippeth

Gildy Smith

Charlene Souders

John Timms

Candice Walton

Amy Ward

Troy Weaver

Kelly Williams

Melinda Wright

Tony Xenos

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