#Lead2FeedVCMScontainergarden awarded Honorable Mention $1,000 Charity Contribution

Celebration of Honorable Mention for Lead2Feed Container Garden Project and Rwandan Education Project




18 December 2017

7th Grade ELA

Did you know that most kids from Rwanda don’t have a good education? Well, my name is Karis and  I am from Vinton County Middle School, and I am working on a lead to feed project. Our big goal is to  provide school supplies, food and other items to make care packages to help children in Rwanda, Africa to have a better education and life. Our slogan to help us stay positive is ed-u-ca-tion connection in Rwanda. We want to help put education in their lives.

To make this dream a reality we are doing a pay to play dodgeball tournament to use the money to buy school supplies, food and other items to assemble care packages. We will raise the money and buy or collect materials and then assemble the care packages. Finally we will send them to Africa and they will be distributed to the families. We will raise the money by holding fundraiser and taking donations. We also will keep in contact with a relative in Rwanda for information. We really just want to make a huge positive impact on children, and on their lives, so they can have a better education and better regular life. You can help by bringing in items such as food, school supplies, first aid kit supplies and even just by spreading the word around about what we are doing. You can also donate money or participate in ur fundraisers . All help is appreciated. This is going to help change  Rwanda by giving the children and adults necessities to life and to better educate the students. Help us make them the future teachers of our world. It’s also going to help make a better tomorrow for the Rwandan families.

You can contact me any time through my email or talk to me during school. Again I am from Vinton County Middle School, and me and my team are doing a lead to feed project. Our big goal is provide school supplies and food to in need families in Rwanda. I am happy to take donations at Vinton County Middle School. I really appreciate all hands on deck and I thank everyone who is willing to change the future for Rwandan Families for the better. I have strong beliefs in this project and I believe with everyone's help we can make a huge difference in people’s lives.   

L2F#Pitch Local Boys Container Gardens


Mrs. Macke

18 December, 2017

7th Grade ELA

Hello, my group and I are helping low-income families in Vinton County that can’t afford nutritional food by planting and giving them container gardens so that they have fresh vegetables. In Vinton County there is a 21% poverty rate. Our motto is, “we may be small, but make a big difference”. We work by this motto and do our very best to live by this motto. We believe that our project will make a positive change in the community.

In early spring, we will be buying the supplies necessary for planting container gardens like gardening soil, seeds large containers, and anything else we may need. We then we will plant the seeds and when they are ready, we will take the plants  to a non-profit food bank called, St. Francis Outreach. Then, St. Francis Outreach will then distribute the container gardens to people in need.

During the school year we will have school fundraisers to help us buy the supplies needed. You can help by donating money, gardening soil, large containers, seeds, tomato cages,  and anything else we may need to Vinton County Middle School located on, 63780 Locker Plant Coleman Road. The donation deadline should be before the first week of March. Donations will be very appreciated. The container gardens will help low-income families will help them have fresh fruits and vegetables right at their fingertips for free.

We will be helping low-income families have fresh fruits and vegetables that want them. This will help low-income families have nutritious food at their house for free. Special thanks to St. Francis Outreach for helping us out. Also thank you for your time, consideration, and donations. Once again thank you for making it all possible!

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