Mission Possible

Mission Possible

Mission Possible

Vinton County Local Schools has launched a variety of initiatives designed to help our students in grades 6-12 with career awareness, exploration, and planning. The intention is to help our students:
  • learn about a wide variety of careers
  • evaluate their individual traits and interests, and how those relate to jobs in our labor market
  • learn about the education, skills, and other training needed to enter different career fields
To the left (in the maroon box) are links to VC Graduate submissions to our MISSION POSSIBLE Project. Graduates talk about their paths to a successful career providing a brief "bio" and words of advice or encouragement for students considering a similar field. Click on their name to view their picture and bio.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration! 
We are writing to request your help with a specific project related to this effort….

The Mission Possible project will feature our graduates and their paths to a successful career. We would like a picture of you in typical work attire, and a brief career “bio” that describes how you got from being a VCHS graduate to where you are today. Also, if you could provide any words of advice or encouragement for students who are considering a similar career field, that would be terrific. Finally, if you had to overcome any special challenges or set-backs along the way to where you are, you are welcome to share that, as well.

We hope that by seeing the career successes of previous VC graduates, our current students will be inspired to achieve their own educational and/or career goals. 

Here is a sample Mission Possible entry:

Mary Samplestudent                                      
VCHS Graduate 2010                                                  
Career: Licensed Practical Nurse

My Mission Possible: All of my life I wanted to help people, and I thought nursing was a great way to do it.   Right after high school, I attended Hocking College and earned an Associate Degree in Nursing. I have been working at CCM Hospital for 4 years, and every day I feel so lucky to be able to live my dream. Helping people heal is incredibly rewarding.  Believe me, the path was pretty challenging at times, but I’m glad I stuck with it.

My words of advice: Whatever your dream, turn it into a plan. Talk to your teachers, counselors, and parents, family members, to get support and direction. Talk to people who actually do the jobs that interest you. The work you put into planning and achieving your goal will make you stronger along the way, and will make the rewards of living your dream so much sweeter. 

Please consider contributing to our Mission Possible Project! Email all entries (photo & bio) to: [email protected]  If you have questions, please email or call Kellie at 740-596-5258.

*We reserve the right to modify entries as needed for formatting and programming purposes. Further, your entry may be included on the Vinton County Local Schools website, and in other publications that are an extension of the Mission Possible marketing campaign. By submitting an entry, you agree to these guidelines.

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