Mission Possible Aaron Crabtree

Mission Possible Aaron Crabtree

Photo of Aaron Crabtree

Aaron Crabtree
VCHS Graduate 2007

Career: PCA in Pediatric Emergency Room

My Mission Possible:

When I was young, I learned about the job of a PCA/STNA because of the all the visits I made to the hospital during my grandfather's illnesses.  I have always loved to help make people's lives better, so I decided to attend Buckeye Hills Career Center my junior and senior years of high school.  I attended their Diversified Health Occupations Program my junior year, and the Patient Care Technician Program my senior year.

My training included learning skills from EKGs to blood draws, and my junior year I passed the STNA test and started working in the nursing homes and local hospitals.  I have been a STNA/PCA for 10 years now. My next plan is to start nursing school and become an RN.  I currently work at Nationwide Children's Hospital ER as a PCA (Patient Care Assistant), where I take care of patients with complaints ranging from a runny nose to a Level One Trauma.  It is an amazing job;  I love everything that you learn in health care and how easy it is to advance on to anything you put your mind to.

My encouraging thoughts:

Always ask questions and be willing to learn.  Visit as many colleges as you can so that you can pick the best one.  Personally, I love the vocational school that I went to and would recommend looking into it.  I had an amazing experience at Buckeye Hills, and my training helped me get a great start in a career that I love!

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