Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to 2021-2022 School Year

Vinton County Middle School is driven to create a positive learning community with an environment promoting the success of all students.  We are committed to providing each of our students:
  • critical-thinking skills
  • student-led inquiry and discussion opportunities 
  • vocational and career exposure
As we enter our this year, our learning community will concentrate our efforts to meet the following objectives:
  1. High-Expectations for all learners

Classes will be a combination of leveled and mix-group by student abilities in order to maximize exposure and avoid misconceptions. Students learn in different ways and certainly each learn at a different pace. Parents and educators must help them see that learning is individual and cannot always be normalized. Building students' learning identity will help them understand how to enhance their skill and style instead of getting caught up in the pace or understanding of their peers.

  • Maintain Attendance Growth 

We are charged to instill the importance of showing up everyday. We feel confident that our academic growth the past 3 years correlates directly with our increased attendance rates. As students move on to HS and the real-world, the must understand that they can not improve nor impress if they are not there!

  • Building Relationships

The single-most impactful strategy for student growth (academically, socially, emotionally) is strong personal relationships. Our teachers, counsellors, support staff, and administration will be committed to strengthening relationships. Part of that entails seeing the flaws in all of us- understanding that failure is a huge part of learning. We all fail, we all are flawed- we need to support each other in success and in our short-comings. 

Learning must occur inside and outside of the classroom- we can accomplish this through a strong partnership with students, parents, staff and community!
Go Vikings
Jeremy Ward, Principal
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