Article: Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility waiver

September 18, 2012


Dear Parent or Guardian:


On May 29, 2012, the United States Department of Education (USDoE) granted Ohio a waiver on several parts of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB).    The purpose of this letter is to explain how parts of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility waiver under Title 1, relates to your child’s education.


Notice to Parents

Under Title 1, Part A of the NCLB, districts were required to notify parents if any of their schools or the district itself were identified for Improvement. This provision has been waived, and districts no longer are required to send a letter out to notify parents of School or District improvement status.



Public School Choice

Under Title 1, Part A of NCLB, district were required to offer student attending schools identified to be in Improvement status the opportunity to attend another public school. Districts were required to provide for transportation to the other school.   This provision has been waived, and the districts are no longer required to offer this option.   Students taking the Public School Choice option during the 2011-12 school year are allowed to remain in the transfer school until they complete the highest grade in that school. However, the district is no longer responsible for providing for the transportation.


Supplemental Education Services (SES)

Under Title 1, Part A of NCLB, districts were required to offer students attending schools identified for Improvement, Year 2 or higher the opportunity to receive free tutoring services using external providers.

This provision has been waived, and districts no longer are required to offer SES. In the place of SES, districts are required to set aside 20% to expand learning time. 


Title 1 has set aside 20% of the Title money to support 2 tutors in each of the elementary buildings. The tutor will also work with students that are identified as “not on track” during an after school intervention period. Specific students will be requested to stay for the additional hour of instruction. A Reading Improvement plan will be followed with parent notification of the plan and frequent monitoring of student progress. Additionally, Title 1 will also support an incentive for student attendance at these sessions.   To support parental commitment and dedication to their child’s continued education, a gas voucher system will be set up to help defray the cost of mileage.    Students must attend 14/16 days monthly that are available though Boost.   If a child reaches that goal, a gas voucher will be given to the parent/guardian and their name will go into a drawing for a family basket.


Additional information concerning Ohio’s ESEA Flexibility waiver can be found on the ODE site (ODE Site Waiver Provisions) and the USDoE’s flexibility webpage ( You may also contact the district’s Title 1 Coordinator, Mrs. Kathy McCorkle at 740-596-5218, or [email protected].




Katherine R. McCorkle

Vinton County Local Schools

Title 1 Coordinator

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