Article: Statement Concerning Non-VCLSD Gatherings

JJ MillikenPrincipal, Vinton County High School
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September 8, 2020

Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

We are appreciative of the support and understanding you have shown during the beginning of the year
adjustments we have made due to the pandemic. Students have been great about wearing masks,
maintaining 6 feet of social distance, and cleaning their hands. These steps are essential in keeping
COVID-19 out of the school and continuing extracurricular activities.

We also are appreciative of your support at these extracurricular activities. Please continue to be
leaders and good role models for our students: wear masks when attending these events, remain 6 feet
apart whenever possible, and wash your hands. As necessary as it is for students to do these, it is even
more critical that you model these expectations and emphasize their importance.

Additionally, please be mindful before and during gatherings that are not on school property nor
promoted or sanctioned by Vinton County Local Schools. Several supporters of the football team
attended a gathering on the private property adjacent to the football field during our first home game.
This support is invaluable, and so is the continuation of our students’ seasons. Please remember to
social distance (6 feet or more), wear masks, and keep your hands clean. What we do off of school
property significantly affects everything and everyone within the school. We must do everything we can
in the community as well as the school to keep this awful disease at bay.

Once again, please be mindful when leaving your home. Wear a mask. Maintain 6 feet of distance from
others. Wash your hands. What we do in the community protects our schools and sports. Thank you
again for your continued support.

JJ Milliken, Principal

Vinton County Local School District’s mission is to provide diverse learners an academic and social roadmap to success.
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