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Shawnee State University Information
Shawnee State University Information:

1.       Early Scholarship Consideration Deadline is December 1st

a.       Any student accepted to Shawnee State that has filed the FAFSA will be able to receive their financial aid package before Christmas Break! I’m happy to check on any student statuses.

b.       Students will still be considered for scholarships until January 15th and additional awards and scholarship increases until May 1.

c.       Do you have a student with a 3.8 GPA and 30 ACT? They could qualify for our full tuition Shawnee Scholar Award! The deadline to submit student work is January 15th.

2.       We have many wonderful events in the next few months:

a.       November 23rd is our Saturday event called Showcase Day.

b.       Shawnee Game Conference is coming up November 15th and 16th

c.       Plastics Day is Friday, December 6th

d.       Pre-Med Day is Friday, December 13th

e.       And very soon we will host our second Arts and Discovery Night on November 14th this may be a great opportunity for local students! If you have teachers on staff interested in having their students attend and learn as a group (we could pay for buses!), or if they want to offer bonus points for participating in certain activities (we can arrange sign in sheets and report student names to you!), or even offer free dinner for students, we can help plan that! Reach out to myself or Brittany Bazler ([email protected]) and we are happy to make arrangements with you!

3.       Admission Decisions are going out regularly! If you have any students with questions about their admission decision (for example, the Bridge to Success program), they can contact me directly!