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2024-2025 Suggested School Supply List

The following lists are a SUGGESTED list of supplies for your child's classroom for the 2024-2025 School year.  
High School Lists are NOT posted as it is too dependent on the individual teachers and classes.  They typically give out a list of supplies during the parent meetings for the first day of school.  Notebooks or Loose Leaf Paper, Pencils, Erasers and Folders are always a good place to start.
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Vinton County Middle School Suggested Supply List

This is a general list that our teaching staff has worked to compile together. Keep in mind that students may be asked to have specific items for individual classes, but will likely not know those needs until they receive their schedules.
General supplies that are always a good idea:
• Pencils (LOTS of pencils!)
• Cap erasers
• Highlighters
• Colored Pencils
• Scissors and glue sticks
• Pencil pouch
• Filler paper or notebook(s)
• Folders - best with holes so they can be placed in a binder - students have four core classes, plus specials, so 5 or 6 would be a good idea
• At least one three-ring binder - style is up to your student. They may also be asked to have binders and tabbed dividers for individual classes as well.
• CORDED headphones for use with Chromebooks.
Each student is assigned an individual locker, and any extra supplies and bookbags are to be kept in the locker throughout the day. Bookbags are to be clear or mesh.